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ICOH 31st International congress on Occupational Health

Global Harmony for Occupational Health - Bridge the World

May 30 - June 5 2015 Seoul, Korea


Joint meeting with the Scientific Committee for Health Services Research and Evaluation.

Aware, beware, take care! 

New insights in occupational health surveillance 

University of Bologna, 15-16 October 2014

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Programme of the meeting (draft)

Agenda of the business meeting on 15 October 2014

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Mini Symposium at EPICOH 2.0.13

Improving the impact of occupational disease surveillance.
Chair: Malcolm Sim, Monash University
. Occupational diseases are major cause of death and disability in workers in both developed and developing countries, but surveillance data sources have traditionally been incomplete and of poor quality. To make occupational disease surveillance methods more useful for detecting new occupational diseases, to monitor success in reducing the impact of such diseases and to better inform OH policy and practice, better methods, improvement in data quality and more consistency in approaches between countries are needed. This minisymposium will provide an update and promote discussion on current gaps, introduce some novel emerging techniques to better detect new occupational diseases and monitor trends, ways to improve reporting completeness and the use of such data to inform public policy.


Abstract book

Sustainable development of SCOM

The development of activities and membership of SCOM.

More details... This new committee is in the proces of developing a plan of work for the next 3 to 6 years. There is a new infrastructure and a growing membership. Come and join us.

ICOH meeting, Cancun, March 18th - 23rd 2012

Special session 1:

Recognition, prevention and control of work -related cardiovascular disorders

Special session 2:

Tracing New Occupational Diseases towards OSH vigilance system



Strengthening the notification systems of ODs in the European Union

SCOM members (Helena Taskinen, Gert van der Laan) participated in the workshop "Towards feasible EU Occupational Diseases Policy" on the 1st of December 2011 in Brussels.

The workshop was caried out in the framework of the EU project which is financed by PROGRESS funds. The key deliverables of this project are the national reports for each of the 31 participating countries on the implementation of the European Commissions Recommendation 2003/670/EC and a synthesis report on the different aspects covered by the Recommendation and options for EU ODs policy.

The final report of this project will be published in the summer of 2012



Improving methods to identify new and emerging occupational diseases

SCOM members organized and participated in the International Conference on Tracing New Occupational Diseases in Amsterdam.

7-8 April 2011

In this 2 day event visited by 103 participants there were presentations on methodology and on new and emerging occupational health risks.

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NIVA symposium on recognition, prevention and control of work-related cardiovascular disorders

23-24 March 2010

organized by NIVA- Nordic Institute for Advanced training in Occupational Health and SCOM

This course was attended by 28 participants