About us

The Scientific Committee (SCOM) aims at promotion of research on occupational medicine and particularly at occupational and work-related diseases. The scope of the Committee covers all types of occupational morbidity and diseases, their mechanism, diagnostics, recognition and preventention.

The Committee has the following terms of reference:

  • Promoting research on occupational medicine, occupational diseases and work related diseases.
  • Developing evidence-based criteria for diagnosis of occupational diseases and developing guidelines for good diagnostic practice.
  • Initiating research for identification of work-related diseases and their recognition and prevention.
  • Collaborating with other Scientific Committees on topics relevant to the mission of the SCOM.
  • Collaborating with the WHO and ILO in the development of lists on occupational diseases and their clarification generique de viagra.


Membership is open to any ICOH member in good standing.

Come and join us in this new and exciting venture and rediscover the fun in occupational health practice!

To contact us:

Email: jross@aspenmedical.com.au